Is terrorism spreading again in Punjab?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is embroiled in a fresh controversy over staying in the house of Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF) activist Gurwinder Singh during his Punjab visit on Saturday.
Gurwinder is the former chief of KLF. He is accused of inciting Sikh-Hindu riots during the years when terrorism was at its peak in Punjab. He was even jailed in cases relating to murder and other heinous crimes.
However, he was later acquitted and went to England. He is allegedly working for KLF from England.
With Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal staying in Gurwinder’s house in Moga ahead of the February 4 Punjab Assembly elections, the politics in the state is on the boil.
AAP’s rivals – Congress and Akali Dal – have once again repeated their charge against AAP of hobnobbing with anti-Punjab and pro-Khalistan radical forces. They have alleged that AAP is seeking their support and getting funds from them for the Punjab elections.
Besides, Hindu organisations have also come out in the open against Arvind Kejriwal and AAP.
Panchanand Giri Maharaj, who is associated with Hindu Takht and Juna Akhada, has accused Arvind Kejriwal of being hand in glove with pro-Khalistan radical groups. He said as per protocol, Kejriwal, being a chief minister, could have stayed in any state guest house.
Giri Maharaj said Kejriwal could even have stayed in the house of any local AAP leader. However, the Delhi Chief Minister chose the house of “terrorist” Gurwinder Singh who is working for KLF, he said.
Giri Maharaj declared that Hindu Takht will openly work against AAP and tell the people how Kejriwal and his party are associated with anti-Punjab and pro-Khalistan forces.
On the other hand, AAP has sought to defend Arvind Kejriwal’s choice of spending the night in Gurwinder’s house.
Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said AAP had provided prior information to the Punjab police regarding Kejriwal’s stay in Gurwinder’s house. He said the Punjab police should have stopped Kejriwal from staying in the KLF activist’s house but it did not do so.
Sanjay Singh further said Kejriwal does not know Gurwinder Singh. He went to stay in his house on the suggestion of an AAP member Satnam Singh.
He also said Gurwinder Singh has been acquitted of all charges and he cannot be labeled a terrorist.
Sanjay Singh released a photograph and said both Akali Dal and BJP had earlier accused Kejriwal of meeting an alleged terrorist RP Singh. However, the same PK Singh was seen sitting with Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.
“If the person sitting with Arvind Kejriwal is a terrorist, then Parkash Singh Badal has also held a meeting with him. In such a scenario, Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal should order an FIR to be lodged against his father,” he said.

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