Kolkata : DRI Chief Transferred to Dehradun

Kolkata DRI Chief Deepanker Aron has been shifted to Dehradun as Commissioner (Appeals).

In a major reshuffle in the country’s Customs bureaucracy was carried out by the Finance Ministry involving as many senior Indian Revenue Service (Customs) cadre officers of the rank of Principal Chief Commissioner rank.

Notable changes figuring include Kolkata DRI Chief, Mr Deepanker Aron who has been shifted to Dehradun as Commissioner (Appeals).

The changes brought by the Finance Ministry have apparently flummoxed Revenue Service officials by the way appointments and transfer orders at the top level are happening in the Finance Ministry’s Revenue wing.

Sources said it could also be causing a sense of resentment among the senior-most officials who feel that, on the one hand, there are vacancies in the CBEC as well as at the PCCC level in several places, and on the other, certain officials are not only given extension in deviation of the established norms but also given multiple charges despite the availability of top-ranking officials.

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