CAA : Rajasthan CM to hold silent march in Jaipur

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced that he would participate in a peace march in Jaipur on Sunday at 11 am. This comes amid the Congress’ opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act and the police crackdown on the protesters. The march will take place from the Albert Hall to Gandhi Circle in the capital city of Rajasthan. He mentioned that people cutting across different sections of the society were coming together for the march to ‘save’ the Constitution and democracy. Gehlot opined that this initiative would send a message that there could not be any compromise with the fundamental values of the Constitution.

Gehlot claimed the country ran successfully on the principles of the Constitution for 70 years after independence but now the Modi government was tearing apart the Constitution. The RSS and the BJP were trying to execute their agenda of making of a Hindu Rashtra, he alleged.

The Rajasthan CM said that after becoming the prime minister, Modi visited ISRO and tried to give the impression that all satellites were being launched only after he became the PM.

“People have understood the tricks of Narendra Modi. His nationalism is hollow,” Gehlot said.

He said that Pakistan was created on the ground of religion but it could not remain intact and was divided into two nations – Pakistan and Bangladesh.

“They want to divide people in the name of religion. What is their agenda? Their agenda is the making of a Hindu Rashtra. But would they be able to keep the country intact if their agenda is fulfilled?” he asked.

The chief minister said the government should repeal the CAA and the prime minister should announce that NRC will not be implemented in the country.

“They failed in implementing NRC in Assam. 19 lakh people were identified after the survey and 16 lakh of them were Hindus. When their campaign could not succeed there, they brought the citizenship amendment bill,” he said.

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