Union Health Ministry appoints National Monitors

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has appointed National Monitors for overall monitoring and evaluation of National Health Mission and implementation of various health schemes.

The Government of India has appointed national level monitors for overall monitoring of National Health Mission and evaluation and implementation of various schemes & programmes under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The National Monitors will visit and inspect various States and districts to check whether the health schemes are implemented properly as per the policy of the central government and ensure proper utilisation of funds disbursed by the central government to States under National Health Mission.

The national monitors are eminent people from fields like administration, public health, demography and social welfare. It includes the likes of Dr. Rattan Chand, Sanjay Vitthal Pattiwar, Anil Kumar, KR Antony and Dharmendra Dewan.

Dr. Rattan Chand is a former senior bureaucrat with Government of India and has worked as an expert with World Bank and USAID. Mr. Sanjay Vitthal Pattiwar was Head of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s health department. KR Antony has been Health & Nutrition Specialist for UNICEF and Director, State Health Resource Centre, Chhattisgarh. Mr Dharmendra Dewan is a public health expert.

Monitoring and Evaluation is a crucial part of health programme implementation at the state and district levels. Its a positive step by the Government to fill in the loopholes of maladministration at various health departments at state levels.

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