Radioactive ink in New Rs 2000 notes?

Move over the GPS enabled Nano Chips in the new Rs 2000 currency notes. According to the latest rumours, the new Rs 2000 notes are made up of radioactive ink! Yes, the news of these banknotes containing traces of radioactive substances has helped in carrying out raids by IT department across the country. The news of radioactive ink enabled Indian currency has spread like wildfire on the social networking sites and messaging app, WhatsApp. Ever since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization followed by an introduction of new currency notes of Rs 2000 and Rs 500, the rumour mills are working overtime. These latest ‘reports’ of Indian currency notes being made up of high on technology, supremely advanced radioactive ink seem has aroused everyone’s curiosity.
According to the WhatsApp messages, the new Rs 2000 currency notes contain “radioactive isotope of Phosphorous (P32), which has 15 protons and 17 neutrons”. It claims to be non-harmful for the human and highly useful for the IT department in curbing black money scam. The rumours regarding the presence of the radioactive substance in the banknotes are the current favourite among users. Despite no confirmation of the same coming from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or the Ministry of Finance, the people are busy celebrating the ‘scientific breakthrough’. The main reason behind their happiness and celebration is that these viral messages claim the radioactive ink is the reason behind many raids carried out by IT department.

The information on how these ‘radioactive ink’ Rs 2000 notes help in capturing the black money holder are also blatantly mentioned in the messages. These ‘non-harmful’ radioactive isotopes accumulate in one location and acts as radioactive indicator to signal the IT department to check for significant currency accumulations in places apart from banks or other financial institutions.
A person with a basic understanding of science can tell you those radioactive isotopes no matter to what degree it is decreased, remains harmful for health. As for the ‘radioactive ink’ giving out signals to the IT department, it sounds more far-fetched than Mr. India and his invisible watch.

India is called the land of extremes – time and again we prove this saying. When Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced the new currency notes of Rs 2000, its reverse side carried an image of Mangalyaan. The picture represents India’s growth in science and technology. Mangalyaan or the Mars Orbiter Mission depicts India’s first venture into interplanetary space. On the other hand, we mindlessly believe the baseless unconfirmed rumours about these notes being GPS enabled to containing radioactive ink.
Such bizarre ideas were last seen in a 80s Bollywood movie but the aam janta in India is going gaga over it. Some of the exemplary comments are – “Modiji is just awesome. Period.” The culprits must be punished without any mercy.” “Good sign for Indian economy.” The social media and WhatsApp are touted to be the perfect breeding ground for such mindless talks. Well, high time we started applying our brains before going all out spreading a hoax. Or wait till we hear there is an in-built music player, camera, scanner in the new currency!

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