Pakistan to recall 4 High Commission Officials after being named by detained Spy Akhtar

New Delhi: Pakistan may recall from India four of its officers posted in its High Commission in New Delhi, days after a Pakistani national detained for spying informed on ISI spies working out of the mission.

“This is under consideration. A final decision would be taken shortly,” Dawn quoted a source at the Pakistan Foreign Office said on Monday.


Mehmood Akhtar, the Pakistani High Commission official, was earlier detained by Delhi Police for running a spy ring out of New Delhi. Akhtar, who has since been deported back, had blown the cover of four ISI officials – commercial counsellor Syed Furrukh Habib, first secretaries Khadim Hussain, Mudassir Cheema and Shahid Iqbal. All four could now be recalled.

Akhtar, now back in Pakistan, told Dawn that he had given the statement under pressure.

“They took me to a police station after detaining me where I was forced to read out a written statement provided by them in which the names of the four officers were given and was told to state that they belonged to Pakistan’s intelligence services,” he told Dawn.
Akhtar said that he was “manhandled” and picked from outside a zoo while on his way back from Nizamuddin shrine and taken to a Delhi police station, where he was “coerced” into recording a statement before being deported from the country.
He said Indian officials “tortured him to extract the statement and threatened to inject him with heart attack inducing injection” if he refused to comply.

Dawn said Pakistani officials believed that India did this on purpose to heighten the tensions. “We consider it as a serious breach of diplomatic norms. The Indian move has complicated the already tense situation and threatened the lives of our diplomatic staff,” a Pakistani officer said, adding it was a “deliberate and provocative action”.

All these allegations have been denied by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India.

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